June 17, 2024

News 2012

December 2012

Law no. 101 of 2012 was issued in December 6, 2012 to be enforced as of December 7, 2012 amendment to the income tax law no. 91 of 2005.

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A draft law has been issued with regard to the amendment of some of the articles of income tax law no.91 of 2005. The law has not been issued yet.

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The Minister's Decree no. 329 of 2012 with regard to the amended of tax form no. (40) Withhold and collect” issued by the Minister’s decree no. 40 of 2006 issued on 5/7/2012.

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The Minister's Decree no. 68 of 2011 with regard to the rules and instructions for the amendment of the income tax returns numbers 27, 28 and 29 that are attached with the ministerial decree no. 57 of 2011 concerning the rules and instructions for the rules and the basis of the tax accounting of the small enterprises and the procedures for the tax collection on its profits issued on 4/3/2012.

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A decree with law no. 1 of 2012 with regard to the amendment some of the provisions of the real estate tax law no. 196 of 2008 issued on 3/1/2012.

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