March 2015

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A presidential decree bylaw no. 17 of 2015 concerning the amendments of the following laws:

  • Companies law no. 159 of 1981.
  • General Sales tax law no.11 of 1991.
  • Investment law no. 8 of 1997.
  • Income tax law no. 91 of 2005.

The purpose of the law is to:

  • Wave out the investment obstacles, adding some activities and remaining the exiting exemptions, guarantees and incentives until expired.
  • The sales tax on manufacturing and performing services machines to be 5%. The filing sales tax to be refunded at the time of filing the first sales tax return.
  • concerning the income tax law, the acquisition of 33% or more or assets and liabilities of resident company is considered changing of the legal entity of the company.

You can read more about the law through the attached pdf file.