April 2013

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Law no. 9 of 2013 was issued in April 29, 2013 to be enforced as from April 30, 2013. The mentioned law amendments the law no.111 of 1980 and Law no. 104 of 2012 with regard to the stamp duty tax.

The most important amendments are as follows

  • An annual proportional stamp duty shall be accrued on the use of the credit facilities that are granted from banks, in additions to loans and advances on every quarter in addition to the beginning balance of the same quarter at a rate of 0.001 on every quarter.
    The bank and the client shall bear the tax due equally.
  • The advertisements shall subject to stamp tax at a rate of 20% instead of 15%.
  • The advertisements of death are subject to stamp tax.
  • A proportional stamp duty shall be accrued on the buying and selling of the Egyptian and Foreign securities at a rate of 0.001 and shall be paid by the seller.

You can read more about the law and the executive regulation in pdf files.